No building material speaks of durability, no two pieces are exactly alike or adds the same warmth as natural stone does.


Marble starts life as limestone. But under certain conditions, the components of limestone crystallize, creating veins and changing its texture.
What to Know: Marble is softer  than granite, but it’s still tough enough for any surface in your home.                         Marble comes in an array of colours, which can be used for  splashbacks, floors and any vanity tops.
Care: Clean marble surfaces with water. If necessary, use a mild detergent, and thoroughly rinse afterward.


Granite, which is available in many colors, is often flecked with bits of minerals that produce a small veiny look.
Granite is hard to scratch and even harder to stain, it can be used on kitchen bench tops, bathroom tops, and splash backs.
Care: With proper precautions, granite will not fade over time. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners, which can damage the surface.


Onyx is distinguished by its translucency. The layered stone often comes from caves. Onyx mostly comes in pastel colours which include yellow and rose.
Care:  Onyx is  prone to scratches more than other stones.

Consider using natural stone for kitchens and bathrooms.